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Bee Sting

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The Sarcastic Boob

Some weeks ago I posted Breast Cancer: The Musical.  Well, here is something you won’t want to miss: a shadow puppet show.  The craft is quite impressive, but as for the production itself? I’ll let you be the judge.

So get in touch with your inner mother earth, put on a few dabs of patchouli oil, don your very best home spun clothes, and settle in for Bee Sting. (Don’t shoot the messenger.)


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Author: healthytatas

This blog is about keeping your tatas healthy and beautiful. I am a current breast cancer survivor, so there will be a lot about that. But I will also be talking about topics like breastfeeding and general health topics. Oh and we can't forget to address things like fashion for tatas- which means more than just lingerie. Whether your tatas are big, small, young, old, real or fake, there will be something here for you.

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